This summer we are planning a grand trip around the Great Lakes.  I haven’t been to Canada in years and I am looking forward to taking Shoshana to see where her great grandparents lived in Toronto.  We will travel from DC to Niagra and on to Toronto.  After a day or two in Toronto we will travel to Bruce National Park in Ontario for three nights of camping and hiking at this very popular and reportedly beautiful location.   From Bruce we will take the ferry to South Baymouth and then continue on to Mackinac Island if I can make the schedule work out.  The next day we will travel to Chicago for a weekend with my family.  On our way home we will spend several days at one of my favorite campgrounds — Warren Dunes State Park.  And then at long last we will head home.

The tentative Route:

Reservations at Bruce National Park and at Warren Dunes State Park.

Ferry From Bruce to Baymouth

Ferry to Mackinac Island